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Enjoy life & dentistry — without the worry

Focusing on your dental practice should be your focus, not fretting over spreadsheets, payroll, and all the other business administration of your practice that has taken time away from your life. Great Expressions offers you the freedom to enjoy life, and provide excellent patient care without the hassle of management. We handle HR, billing, insurance, and scheduling, giving you the flexibility to offer your patients a higher level of dental care.

When you affiliate with Great Expressions Dental Centers, you will get paid up front for the equity you’ve already built. You’ll get paid on your production without worrying about overhead like payroll, rent, or maintenance. Enjoy the rewards of higher insurance reimbursement rates and lower supply costs, and become part of a strong and growing brand.

We honor the value and trust you have created with your patients and your community, and want you to expand on that dream. We treat you with respect, and we have the expertise and experience to close any deal — no matter how complicated. After all, isn’t it time someone helped you improve your smile?

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Payroll. Human resources. Procurement. Supervisor. Insurance negotiation. And, oh yeah, dentist. Maybe you don’t mind wearing all of those hats, but if you’d prefer to stay more focused on the dentistry you love, then you can hand all of the business admin stuff to us. When you affiliate with Great Expressions Dental Centers, you are free to do the one thing you enjoy most: taking care of your patients.

We Take Care of the Rest.

  • Affordable, industry-leading health care benefits for you and your team members
  • Continuing education allowances and in-house training seminar
  • Insurance process support is handled by our experienced team
  • Marketing and TV advertising that reaches patients near your office
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Facility improvements and maintenance


In 2008, I had 36 dental offices throughout Florida. I wanted to grow even more, but lacked the capital to continue to expand at the rate I wanted in order to stay competitive. That’s when I affiliated with Great Expressions Dental Centers. The results? When we hung the Great Expressions sign on the buildings, we upgraded all the existing offices — new chairs, enhanced equipment, a modern look. Five years later, there are now 70 offices in Florida, all of which have an outstanding reputation with our patients, fellow dentists, and dental schools, who thank us for hiring their graduates.
Robert Brody, D.D.S.
- Robert Brody, D.D.S. — Miami, Fla.
Affiliating my practice with Great Expressions Dental Centers was the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I had an office with 14 operators that grossed well over $2 million per year. I was looking for someone with plenty of resources to buy the practice — and still allow me to work. After all, I’ve had some patients for more than 40 years. The way it worked, I got my money out upfront and they still pay me a generous salary. They kept all of my team member and provided a benefit plan with better coverage at a lower cost than I was able to provide.
James Sarchek, D.D.S.
- James Sarchek, D.D.S. — Grosse Pointe, Mich.
I had 14 offices in Jacksonville with a partner who wanted to retire, rather than continuing to grow. In 2010, we affiliated with Great Expressions Dental Centers. I have been very impressed. They delivered everything they promised and more. All of the offices have either been refurbished, or soon will be. We’re in the process of converting them all to digital X-ray technology. We get better deals on supplies and higher fees from insurance. They have removed the burden of management from my shoulders, and I now practice dentistry two days a week — and I thoroughly enjoy it.
Richard Woodward, D.D.S.
- Richard Woodward, D.D.S. — Jacksonville, Fla.

featured affiliation

Dr. James Sarcheck, DDS

At 72 years old, Dr. Sarcheck enjoys life as the Chief Dental Officer at GEDC while maintaining a light schedule on his terms, at his own location. He has worked in dentistry since 1970 and operated from a single location with 14 operators before affiliating with Great Expressions in 1999 at the age of 53.

Affiliating with Great Expressions turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.– Dr. James Sarcheck


6 Advantages

to Affiliating Your Dental Practice
  1. Affordable, industry leading health care benefits for you and your staff
  2. Continuing education allowances and in-house training seminars
  3. Insurance process support is handled by our experienced team
  4. Marketing that reaches patients near your office
  5. 24/7 IT support
  6. Facility improvements and maintenance

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Dr. Robert Brody Chief Clinical Officer
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Ryan McKendry Vice President
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Matthew Doerflinger Senior Associate
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Joseph Stefanski Associate
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Brooke Grussner Business Development Coordinator

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Good things happen with Great Expressions Dental Centers.

Good things happen with Great Expressions Dental Centers

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If you are thinking about affiliating your business with ours, we encourage you to contact us for a free assessment of your practice. You will be able to provide information through our easy online form that will better assist you in understanding the value of your own business. We can also arrange an office visit after your initial assessment for a more personal review.

Questions about joining Great Expressions?

Questions about joining Great Expressions?

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