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National Doctor Panel

Educating the future of Great Expressions

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Great Expressions Dental Centers’ National Doctor Panel is comprised of industry-leading doctors who oversee, train, and educate our nationally recognized dental professionals.

This 11-person panel consists of dentists, orthodontists, and other doctors with a license to practice, with years of experience. They are leaders in their profession, and are respected by their peers. Each of these professionals possess years of clinical, chairside experience, and are committed to helping develop Great Expressions’ philosophy of care.

At all of our 300 dental locations across the United States, our panel helps oversee and guide all the dental care at these locations. The panel ensures that our team of dental professionals holds themselves to the highest standards possible. These standards of excellence include our commitment to clinical protocols, sterilization, materials, quality assurance, and patient experience.

In giving back to the communities in which they practice and serve, our 500+ doctors and 450+ hygienists also raise families, enrich lives, and develop personalized philosophies of care among their neighbors and patients.

At Great Expressions, we promote continuing education for our dental professionals. Having already graduated from top-notch schools, we want to ensure that our dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, practice administrators, and other dental care professionals have access to best-of-breed training and education on new and cutting-edge procedures and practices in their respective fields.

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