Philosophy of Care

Your Care is Our Top Priority

Your smile is as unique as your set of fingerprints, which is why we treat the patient, not the insurance, with realistic results that give our patients a reason to smile.

Founded in 1982, Great Expressions has taken this promise nationwide, with 250 practices in 9 states. For nearly 40 years, Great Expressions has been a trusted provider and leader in preventive care, orthodontics, specialty care, and cosmetic dentistry in the communities we serve. We are always conscious of the fundamental beliefs that have brought us this far, this fast.

We consistently rank among the nation’s leading dental groups, providing oral health care services, dental education, and setting new standards for clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. And we do all of this while still keeping a healthy smile affordable and convenient in a world of tight budgets and busy schedules.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has helped expand health care coverage to millions of Americans who had never had coverage before. At Great Expressions, we believe people deserve access to health coverage and support the ACA in making children’s dental coverage mandatory with any compliant health plans sold on the exchanges. The ACA’s expansion of Medicaid and its related dental benefits have also helped more low-income children and adults find dental assistance than ever before.

Still, dental coverage is treated differently under the law than health coverage, even though our teeth and gums are as much a part of us as our heart or kidneys. To help alleviate the financial worry, Great Expressions keeps all our services under one network, so you can get the care when you need and without complications whenever specialty treatment plans are required. Get back to your own healthy lifestyle without the stress of essential dental health costs, and let Great Expressions provide your mouth with the care it needs.

We have several options available to fit every budget, including cash pay, insurance, and financing plans. And for those who still find dental coverage outside their reach financially, Great Expressions offers the Smile Protection Plan for individuals and families. It’s an affordable alternative to dental insurance that gives you savings year-round on all of your visits to Great Expressions. You can learn more here.