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2022 Smile Snapshot

December 21, 2022

Happy Holidays!

In 2022, Great Expressions supported the largest number of patients since pre-COVID. This year, we’ll celebrate a year of smiles with our dental “wrap-up”. Take a look at our 2022 Smile Snapshot!

This year, we’ve:

Welcomed 138,178 new patients who put their trust in us this year. Thank you for finding us. We are happy to have you join us on your journey to a better smile and overall improved oral health.

Restored 48,488 smiles! Our endodontists protected so many smiles by saving inflamed or infected teeth from removal with successful root canals and other treatments.

Straightened 9,384 smiles. 2,093 patients started Invisalign and 7,291 patients started orthodontics and are on their way to a new smile. Thanks to orthodontic care and Invisalign, those patients are getting the smile they always dreamed of.

Brightened and whitened 3,942 smiles. Teeth whitening is affordable and available at all locations! 2,730 patients took their whitening treatment home and 1,212 received treatment in the office.

And overall…

We’ve had 484,422 healthier smiles! Thanks to your commitment to oral health, our patients’ are happier and healthier this year and their smiles better!

We look forward to seeing what’s in store for 2023.

Add to next year’s Smile Snapshot by booking your first cleaning of 2023!

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