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Better Oral Health by Taking a Whole Health Approach to Dentistry

June 4, 2019

Better Oral Health by Taking a Whole Health Approach to Dentistry

An article featuring Great Expressions Dental Centers’ Chief Operations Officer, Amy Perry Tipton, was recently featured in BOSS Magazine. In “Connecting to Better Oral Health,” Tipton focuses on how Great Expressions is bridging the gap between the known impact of oral health on overall health.

“Part of providing a smarter choice is educating patients on their options and what to expect before and after treatment. This approach increases transparency, affordability, and the accessibility of need-based and ongoing oral healthcare,” said Tipton.

As Tipton describes in her article, your mouth is the access point to your body because good oral health is essential to good total health. A primary way dentists and clinicians focus on building strong relationships with patients and creating specific and measurable healthcare goals is through the utilization of Great Expressions’ Practice Support Center powered by ADG LLC. Providing non-clinical business and administrative support, dental teams are relieved from administrative hassles and free to perform the work they excel at, specifically caring for patients and delivering great service.

Read the full article here.


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