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Chief Clinical Officer Celebrates 35 Years

November 22, 2019

Great Expressions Dental Centers Chief Clinical Officer Celebrates 35 Years with the Company

For 35 years, Dr. Robert Brody, DMD, has dedicated his time, passion, and expertise to the team members and patients of Great Expressions Dental Centers. Starting his career nearly 40 years ago, Dr. Brody has gained experience working in a number of capacities, including a specialty in oral-related sports stress and injury, practice operations, and clinical research. Throughout his career, Dr. Brody has led an impactful and impressive career.

Prior to joining Great Expressions, Dr. Brody held a variety of positions with CIGNA Dental Health including National Director of Quality Assurance and National Assistant Director of Dental Operations. Additionally, he founded and led Dental Health Group, served as a team dentist for the Miami Dolphins, and served on the board of trustees at Golden Glades Hospital in Miami.

Since becoming part of the Great Expressions team, Dr. Brody has mentored and trained top dental professionals in the industry and dedicated his time toward the betterment of others. In addition to his commitment to Great Expressions, Dr. Brody also serves on a number of boards for higher education institutions and not-for-profit organizations, including Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

“There is much to celebrate in all that Dr. Brody has given the profession and us here at Great Expressions,” said Elane Stock, Executive Chairman. “On his anniversary, it is my honor to congratulate Dr. Brody on 35 years of improving the lives of those around him, as a doctor, mentor, colleague, leader, and friend.”

On behalf of the Great Expressions team, we thank you, Dr. Brody, for 35 years of tenacity, team leadership, and commitment.

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