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Great Expressions Receives Infection Control Compliance Award

February 9, 2017

(Feb. 9, 2017) – As a result of its commitment to providing exceptional and safe care to patients at more than 270 offices in 10 states, Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) recently received the Summit Compliance Award – an infection control compliance award presented by Mesa Labs, a high-quality process validation and monitoring instruments and consumables manufacturer.

Established by Mesa, the award recognizes companies that have demonstrated an overall commitment to infection control. GEDC achieved the highest levels of weekly, biological sterilization monitoring compliance over the last five years. GEDC’s high compliance rate reflects its culture that respects infection control measures and patient safety.

“Great Expressions Dental Centers takes great pride in its comprehensive safety and infection control program” said Richard Beckman, CEO of Great Expressions Dental Centers. “Our patients, staff and visitors can rest easy knowing that GEDC makes it a priority to protect them from the spread of infection and provide a safe, clean and compliant healthcare facility.”

Mesa Labs’ Summit Compliance Award evolved from the acknowledgment that compliance should be celebrated and commended. The measures GEDC has taken to ensure weekly testing of all sterilizer units with biological spore strips and daily integrator strips has led to an improved compliance level not only at individual offices, but also at regional and national levels resulting in GEDC being one of the few dental practices with an award winning infection control program.

“Mesa Labs and their spore testing program has been integral in our patient safety program to ensure not only are we providing a safe environment but we remain in compliance with all health and safety laws,” said Beckman. “The risk of infection should never be a concern when visiting one of our facilities.”

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About Great Expressions Dental Centers

For nearly 40 years, Great Expressions Dental Centers has been a leader in preventative dental care, orthodontics and specialty care with offices in Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. Great Expressions is consistently recognized for contributions to improving oral health through quality and safety initiatives, affordable dental care services, patient convenience, research and more. Great Expressions Dental Centers branded practices are independently-owned and operated in specific states by licensed dentists and their professional entities who employ the licensed professionals providing dental treatment and services. ADG, LLC provides administrative and business support services and licenses the Great Expressions Dental Centers brand name to independently-owned and operated dental practices. ADG does not own or operate dental practices, or employ the licensed professionals providing dental treatment and services. For more information, please visit

About Mesa Laboratories, Inc.

We pursue a strategy of focusing primarily on quality control products and services, which are sold into niche markets that are driven by regulatory requirements. We prefer markets that have limited competition where we can establish a commanding presence and achieve high gross margins. We are organized into four divisions across eight physical locations. Our Instruments Division designs, manufactures and markets quality control instruments and disposable products utilized in connection with the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical device, industrial hygiene, environmental air sampling and semiconductor industries. Our Biological Indicators Division provides testing services, along with the manufacturing and marketing of biological indicators and distribution of chemical indicators used to assess the effectiveness of sterilization processes, including steam, hydrogen peroxide, ethylene oxide and radiation, in the hospital, dental, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Our Cold Chain Monitoring Division designs, develops and markets systems which are used to monitor various environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and differential pressure to ensure that critical storage and processing conditions are maintained in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, blood banks, pharmacies and a number of other laboratory and industrial environments. Our Cold Chain Monitoring Division also provides parameter (primarily temperature) monitoring of products during transport in a cold chain and consulting services such as compliance monitoring and validation or mapping of transport and storage containers. Our Cold Chain Packaging Division provides packaging development consulting services and thermal packaging products such as coolers, boxes, insulation materials and phase-change products to control temperature during transport.


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