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Great Expressions Shares Tips on Maintaining New Years Resolution and Healthy Smile

January 9, 2017

(Jan. 9, 2017) – It’s that time again – time to make resolutions to ensure we’re a better, healthier version of ourselves in the coming year. The lines to your favorite machines at the gym might be long – but the phone lines to your dentist are always open. As you seek to make 2017 a better year, Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) urges consumers to remember that oral health is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

According to the Google Consumer Survey GEDC conducted in 2016, only 32.2 percent of consumers floss their teeth daily. Flossing is the one action that helps remove plaque and prevents gum disease and cavities, so it is an essential daily activity.

“At Great Expressions Dental Centers, we want consumers to be educated on the importance of oral health and consider it a priority when it comes to overall well-being,” said Richard Beckman, GEDC CEO. “When asking about New Year’s resolutions, I rarely hear oral health included. GEDC dentists work closely with their patients to ensure they know the long-term benefits of oral care.”

Small changes in your routine can lead to big improvements. Following are several tips from GEDC dentists to improve your routine to make sure 2017 marks the beginning of a new you, with a brighter smile.

TIP: An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. While apples may be sweet, they’re also high in fiber and water. Eating apples produces saliva, which rinses away bacteria and food particles. Instead of a candy bar or chips for your 2:00 snack, eat an apple!

TIP: Don’t have time to sit in front of the mirror for five minutes every day flossing your teeth? Buy flossers and keep them in your car, in your purse, or at your desk. The small individual flossers are a quick and easy way to floss every day, without taking too much time. They even make flossers for kids!

TIP: Use your dental benefits! Only 51% of consumers reported visiting their dentist twice a year (Google Consumer Survey). If you’re paying for dental insurance, be sure to know your coverage. If you’re covered for two annual cleanings, take advantage of them!

To ensure you have a smile that will light up the New Year, GEDC also recommends limiting snacking, including sugary and starchy foods that can destroy enamel. Additionally, stick with drinking water, especially between meals.

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