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Honoring Our Vets – Veterans Day

November 10, 2022

Today, we are recognizing our heroes behind your smile. Many of our dentists, hygienists, patient coordinators, managers, and executives have served in our U.S. military.

Our veterans gained invaluable experience that helped them thrive in their roles today.

Steve Collins, our Chief Digital and Administration Officer, stated that serving in the marines “provided me with the opportunity to develop a better sense of self and those around me and that any challenge I faced was an opportunity to succeed.”

Dr. Thomas P. Leonard, our Vice President and Chief of Staff, reflected on his time in the U.S. army and how it positively impacted his dental career.

According to Dr. Leonard, “Everyone’s experience in the military is different.  For me, it was about leadership, integrity, discipline, and, most importantly, teamwork.  Understanding how to efficiently function and communicate in a collaborative environment is a massive force multiplier, allowing your team to achieve results far beyond any forecast, despite all opposition; not just with key performance indicators (KPIs), but with community impact and personal goals as well.  There will forever be an endless supply of challenges, but embracing the resourcefulness of your team always provides enough insight to negotiate any obstacle.  My time in the Army internalized this mindset, setting me up for success as a Dentist and preparing me to be a DSO leader at GEDC.  I am extremely proud to have served with such extraordinary people, thank you for your service!”

Great Expressions Dental Centers would like to take the opportunity to honor our team members who have served our country. Take some time today to congratulate the heroes behind your smile!


Veterans day

Veterans day

Dr. Anthony Davis – Navy

Iris Johnson – Navy 

Naeemah Allen – Army

Cerress Richburg – Army

LaTasha Johnson – Air Force 

Javares Mayo – Army

Shellee Dean – Army

Dr. Tim Smiley – Marines 

Christie Lawrence – Army

Waleska Flores – Army

Gerald Cohen – Air Force

RJ Davis – Navy

Dr. Brian Smith – Air Force 

Dr. Thomas Leonard – Army

Steve Collins – Marines 

Jamesia Singletary – Army

Holly Boyce – Navy

Ryan VanVorst – Army

Jessica Blakely – Air Force 

Jeff Crabtree – Marines

Kathern Ray – Army

Janay Riley – Navy 

Angel Sierra – Navy

Jessica Rotestan 

Korey Anderson

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