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The Top Options For Professional Dental Teeth Whitening

December 1, 2022

Your teeth will naturally darken with time, due to age, overall health, and dietary choices. Luckily, you can achieve a brilliant smile with dental teeth whitening! There are a few options for whitening your teeth, depending on your budget and your desired results. Ultimately we recommend visiting a professional dentist rather than going to a beauty salon or other non-professional. These procedures can be potentially hazardous to your health, and may not deliver lasting results. Here are the top options for dental teeth whitening to explore.

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Zoom Whitening

Zoom whitening is the most common and effective dental teeth whitening procedure. Using technology from Phillips, Zoom whitening uses LED lights to activate a whitening agent. You can brighten your smile up to eight shades whiter in just 45 minutes! The short procedure makes it easy to fit into your busy schedule. 

Zoom whitening is more effective than over-the-counter products because the light reaches all of your teeth at the same time, instead of the six front teeth reached with most at-home treatments. You can get results quickly, rather than waiting weeks. Results should last up to a year, although it’s important to note that your personal dental habits will affect how long your smile remains bright.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

Many offices, such as Great Expressions Dental Center, will offer take-home kits as a dental teeth whitening option. These are customizable to your unique whitening goals and you will get fitted for a whitening tray that molds to your bite. You can trust you’re getting the best options, eliminating the lengthy research to find a kit that is safe and actually works.

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How Often Should You Schedule Dental Teeth Whitening?

As long as you get it done by a dental professional with a good reputation, teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your smile and help you gain confidence in your everyday life. However, you don’t want to go overboard with frequency. Professional dental teeth whitening is recommended once every year to every 18 months, depending on how long the results last. 

Teeth whitening can take its toll on your teeth if you do it too much, and you risk harming their integrity. A good dentist will never allow you to get treated multiple times in a row if the frequency of the procedures is becoming unsafe. 

All dental teeth whitening procedures will require occasional touch-up treatments. You can ensure your results last as long as possible by following these tips:

  • Exercise good dental health practices: brush and floss regularly, and don’t skip dental cleanings
  • Avoid acidic, tannin-rich, and highly pigmented foods and beverages such as wine, coffee, and soda
  • Avoid smoking
  • Use a whitening toothpaste at home

At Great Expressions, we know your time is precious. Let our dental teeth whitening services help you get the smile you deserve in a short amount of time. We offer convenient and professional dental services at affordable prices. Schedule an appointment today!

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