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Smile! It’s Dental Assistant’s Recognition Week

March 8, 2019

Smile! It’s Dental Assistants Recognition Week

This week and every week, Great Expressions recognizes and celebrates the hard-work and dedication of their dental assistants.

Southfield, Mich. – March 8, 2019 ‒ Great Expressions Dental Centers is proud to celebrate its dynamic team of dental assistants across the nation during Dental Assistant Recognition Week™ (March 4-8). Today’s dental assistants strengthen the entire dental practice and enhance patient satisfaction with a skill-set and commitment that is a crucial part of the success of dental practices everywhere.

“I realize that I’m biased, but I can say with confidence that the caliber of the dental assistants employed with Great Expressions is truly unmatched,” said Great Expressions CEO, Dan Hirschfeld. “They’re trained in the most advanced technology and navigate and strategize alongside their doctors to ensure every patient has an excellent experience and is informed about their dental visit and oral healthcare needs.”Great Expressions has taken a personalized approach to support and develop their dental assistant teams through a number of initiatives, including those highlight below:

FORTIS College Partnership – Hands-on experience is vital for any student before starting their career. Great Expressions’ partnership with FORTIS allows team members to work with those interested in the dental assistant field before completing their program requirements. Through this partnership, students are provided with a unique opportunity to develop real-world training, receive mentorship and develop a support system while they’re still in their respective programs.

Continued Education – It’s important that every team member at Great Expressions feels confident and aware of trends and best practices within the industry. Continued education is not only needed but is an important differentiator that helps team members rank among the best in the country. Experienced staff at Great Expressions hosts a variety of in-house training opportunities through Great Expressions Dental Centers University frequently in hopes of providing opportunities for others to grow their skillsets. Additionally, when necessary, external continued education opportunities are encouraged by Great Expressions leadership. For example, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Amy Perry Tipton, is currently pursuing her certification in dental assisting. After joining Great Expressions nearly a year ago, Amy decided that to best collaborate and understand the dental assistant function, she would need to gain more insight into the role. Throughout her studies, Amy has been able to identify areas of improvement for the company to help promote better efficiencies and collaboration across functions.

Innovation –One goal for the Great Expressions’ team is to support team members from the top down. To do this, the company created a role specifically to serving, training and leading their dental assistant operations. Wendy Flanagan serves as our National Vice President of Dental Assistant Programs to forward this objective. Great Expressions is one of the few dental support organizations that has a role specifically tailored to the growth and development of this function.

Fun – What’s a national organization without some fun? Team members work hard day-in and day-out to care for patients, support their communities and represent the Great Expressions brand with the highest professionalism. In return, the company makes sure their team members feel valued and appreciated. This week alone, there are several initiatives in place to keep the fun going as Great Expressions teams throughout the nation celebrate and recognize their dental assistants.

“I am honored to work with such multi-talented and driven professionals. I hope this week, and every week, each dental assistant feels appreciated as each of us at Great Expressions celebrate the hard-work you do, said Hirschfeld.”

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